Government recommendations aimed at restricting the types of food and drink that can be sold in schools represent a massive opportunity for dairy suppliers, it was claimed this week.
Ministers have proposed that from September 2006 the only drinks in vending machines in secondary schools in England will be healthy options such as milk, water and fruit juice.
The Milk Development Council’s Diane Cannon said the MDC would be working to promote milk vending in secondary schools, but needed processors on board now.
She added: “The MDC intends to be at the forefront of this initiative, working closely with dairies. We’ve already had really positive feedback from dairies and packaging suppliers.
“More and more schools are becoming community-based centres or extended schools. We can support them by ensuring healthy drinks are available through the day, and we can also help with educating pupils and the wider community about healthy eating.”
Meanwhile, Cannon said that 40,000 more schoolchildren were now drinking milk in primary and nursery schools thanks to the work of the MDC-funded School Milk Project, of which Cannon is manager.
She said the School Milk Project had implemented more than 800 new schemes over the course of this year, 100 more than it introduced during 2004.
School milk is a potential
Richard Clarke