Griffiths eggs

Source: Griffiths

Griffiths was founded in 1955 and today produces more than one billion eggs a year for retail, foodservice and wholesale customers

Griffiths Family Foods has taken control of the non-core egg division of Framptons to expand the business into the foodservice sector.

The move follows the acquisition of Somerset-headquartered Framptons in December by Swedish investment firm Profura, with the contract manufacturer set to focus on the oat milk market.

Griffiths has been producing eggs in Shropshire for more than 65 years and has been the main egg supplier to Framptons for almost four decades.

The acquired egg products division supplies liquid and frozen egg in cartons and cooked egg products to foodservice and wholesale customers.

GFF is the latest division of the family-run Griffiths group, established in 2020 to produce liquid egg products. The business joined the other egg-based operations: Oaklands Farm Eggs, producing and packing more than one billion eggs a year for retail, foodservice and wholesale customers; Griffiths Green Enterprises, producing energy from poultry waste; and Griffiths Family Agricultural & Pullet Rearing, rearing more than two million chicks each year for its own and third-party customers.

“This is the perfect fit for our strategic vision on growing egg products,” said Elwyn Griffiths, owner of Griffiths Family Foods.

“We are in the fourth decade of supplying Framptons and have a very good understanding of their business and the many synergies we share. With significant investment in equipment and automation, along with direct control of raw material, we are ideally placed for continued strong growth in this market.”

GFF director Andrew Griffiths added: “As a family we have always been investing and futureproofing businesses and this acquisition continues that long tradition. Having run the processing facility for the last couple of years, we have made major strides, now producing about 5,500 tonnes of liquid egg a year and with a capacity in excess of 20,000 tonnes a year, and this volume will increase significantly as we move into new markets.”

Former Framptons board members Ian Harvey and Will Martin will stay on in advisory roles to ensure a smooth transition to GFF.

Elwyn Griffiths said there would be no change to Framptons’ customers, with the business continuing to supply egg and other products as an agent for GFF until the end of the second quarter.

The egg division is expected to fully transfer to GFF by the third quarter of 2024.