Morrisons is putting up posters for its NuMe healthy eating range in the changing rooms of high-street clothes shops and gyms in a novel bid to capitalise on the January health trend.

The posters, which carry cheeky straplines including ‘Our new low-fat ready meals. A minute on the lips, less time on the hips,’ and ‘The naughty foods you love. Now on their best behaviour’ have appeared in premises just 20 minutes away from a Morrisons store.

Evans, Miss Selfridge, Burton, BHS, Dorothy Perkins and Oasis are among the shops displaying the posters in their dressing rooms, while the promotions also feature in 40 health clubs, including Nuffield Health, David Lloyd and LA Fitness gyms.

Featured products also include stonebaked pizza and crisps, and are accompanied by the line ‘All your favourite foods, only healthier’. They also feature two-for-£3.50 deals on ready meals and 25% off snacks.

“We want to make it clear that making healthier food choices isn’t about guilt, it’s about taking small steps towards a healthier you,” said NuMe strategic brand manager Ruth McConnell.