Safeway has confirmed it is trialling electronic shelf edge labels in stores in St Albans and Woose Hill, Wokingham.
Supply operations director Mark Aylwin said ESL represented a "massive opportunity" for the company, both from a pricing and a supply chain point of view.
"We're just testing it in a few ambient aisles at this stage," said Aylwin. "But one of the most useful aspects of the technology is the amount of information that can be stored on the labels for staff."
He explained: "It tells them how many facings a product should have or what the stock levels of that product are in the backroom. This is in addition to the obvious benefits, such as greater accuracy, and being able to centrally control price changes."
He added: "There is only so much information you can get on a paper ticket."
Trials have been progressing for several months, said Aylwin. "We're not just testing the technology, but also whether the labels are robust enough to weather a store environment, customer reaction, and so on."

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