Morrisons is set to rollout a new at-checkout voucher scheme across its entire store estate following a trial in 10 stores in the North East.

The retailer said it will have installed the Catalina coupon system in all of its 476 stores by the end of the month.

Shoppers will receive a variety of coupons targeted at them on the basis of an analysis of their individual baskets - including vouchers offering money off their next shop and deals on major brands.

Morrisons was quick to distinguish the new scheme from rival supermarkets’ price matching initiatives, such as the Asda Price Guarantee and Sainsbury’s Brand Match.

“It’ll be a totally different proposition,” insisted Morrisons head of media services Ben Hurley. “It doesn’t compare supermarket prices and assist in fulfilling a price promise. Coupons will target the individual based on an analysis of the basket they are taking through the checkout. It is about rewarding customers with relevant and useful offers.”

However, Hurley did admit that the retailer was responding to the growing trend for at checkout couponing.

“Targeted checkout couponing and its current popularity presents Morrisons with a powerful channel to deliver relevant rewarding offers to our 11 million customers,” he said.