Steve Leach nisa

Steve Leach has stepped down as Nisa sales director.

Leach joined Nisa in 2014 and has spent over eight years with the retail group, and said he was leaving to explore a new opportunity.

He held a number of senior positions within the business, most recently the role of sales director, where he was responsible for supporting over 1,400 retail partners.

Nisa said Leach had played an important role in designing and implementing Nisa’s new partner recruitment strategy.

He also served on the board of Nisa’s charitable organisation ‘Making a Difference Locally’.

“Steve has always provided great support to all Nisa partners and colleagues, and leaves Nisa with our thanks for all the hard work, dedication and expertise he has brought to Nisa,” said Nisa CEO Michael Fletcher.

Steve Leach said: “I have very much enjoyed being part of the Nisa team and helping to build something we can all be proud of. I am looking forward to taking some time out, ahead of seeking a senior role that will enable me to step up to new leadership challenges.”