GSK is adding a raft of new products under its Macleans, Aquafresh and Sensodyne banners, including the first major brand mouth spray, it claimed.

The new Macleans Confidence range includes a toothpaste made with iso-active technology, which transforms the toothpaste from gel to foam for a better clean. It also features an alcohol-free mouthwash and the brand's first mouth spray, which has an antibacterial ingredient that kills bacteria at the root of bad breath.

New lines under the Sensodyne and Aquafresh brands include Aquafresh Interdental Action - a vibrating toothbrush that provides a flossing effect.

Consumer demand has led GSK to add a whitening variant to the Aquafresh Iso-active range, launched last year, and the foam concept is being introduced to two new Sensodyne lines.

National TV ads will support the brand this year.