CB paneer tikka masala

Source: Charlie Bigham’s

The NPD includes a Paneer Tikka Masala, which is suitable for vegetarians

Charlie Bigham’s has boosted its line-up with four new dishes.

It has created two new pre-prepared meals and two additions to its Pan Fry meal kit range.

The meals are Paneer Tikka Masala, which is topped with turmeric roasted potato and served with pilau rice, and Thai Green Chicken Curry, which comprises chicken in a Thai green curry sauce with mangetout, coconut milk, lime leaves and lemongrass (rsp: £7.75/700g).

The new Pan Fry kits, meanwhile, are Satay Chicken Curry, which features marinated chicken breast in a satay sauce with red peppers, edamame and toasted peanuts, and Keralan Chicken Curry, which is made up of marinated chicken breast and yellow peppers in a keralan spiced coconut sauce (rsp: £7.50/805g).

Charlie Bigham’s CEO Patrick Cairns said they had been “carefully developed to complement our existing range, to offer more choice to current Bigham’s shoppers and attract new consumers, including those looking for vegetarian mealtime inspiration”.

Charlie Bigham’s said its year-to-date sales were up 15% ahead of forecast since the Covid-19 crisis began, thanks to “increased consumer demand for restaurant-quality dishes at home and a night off from cooking”.

Since the coronavirus outbreak took hold, it said it had also increased its donations to charity partner City Harvest, as well as supporting hospitals, care homes and food banks in London and Somerset, with 3,000 care packages being delivered to homes in recent days.