Source: Lanchester Wines

The brand was last seen on UK retailers’ shelves in 2003

Lanchester Wines has re-launched its kombucha brand, Dragon Tree, after 16 years off the market.

The drink is billed as a “gently sparkling fruity tea with natural flavours of hibiscus and rosehip”, with “a light and fruity taste similar to strawberries and cream”.

It was last seen on UK retailers’ shelves 16 years ago, when it was sold in a sleeved glass bottle. 

“We originally launched Dragon Tree Kombucha in 2003 and while sales did well, kombucha itself wasn’t well known and the health drinks category was in its early infancy. We were ahead of the trend, so to speak,” said Lanchester Wines MD Tony Cleary. 

Source: Lanchester Wines

The brand’s 2003 iteration

Past years have seen kombucha grow from a niche purchase to a significant trend. “The re-launch comes at a time when kombucha sales are soaring and consumers are becoming healthier and more conscious,” said Cleary.

The drink’s USP “has always been its high vitamin content which, back in 2003, saw us gain a loyal audience”, he added. 

Each can contains roughly 50% of an adult’s recommended daily intake of vitamins C, B6, B12, thiamin, folic acid, niacin and biotin. 

“This was something we saw as vital to maintain in Dragon Tree mark two and so we’ve worked with natural ingredients including rosehip and hibiscus to create a drink that’s not only full of health benefits but actually tastes great too. Importantly, all our health statements have been independently verified by Trading Standards’ Public Analyst.”

It has rolled out in 250ml cans, with a calorie count of 93 calories per can.