Hula Hoops Flavarangs

KP Snacks is to tap Brits’ desire for “bigger, bolder and full-on flavour products” with the launch of Hula Hoops Flavarings crisps.

Rolling out from 28 May, the new snack comes in two “intense, family favourite” variants, Tangy Cheese and Salt & Vinegar. Flavour was the largest purchase driver for crisps and snacks, cited by 51% of consumers as a reason to buy, KP said.

Flavarings will come in a 90g sharing bag (rsp: £1.50) designed to cater for the increasing number of consumers eating snacks on a ‘big night in’ with family and friends – with 48% of shoppers typically eating crisps at home in front of the TV, according to KP. A 55g grab bag (rsp: £1) will also be available.

The NPD, which will be backed by a £1m push, came as part of KP’s commitment “to providing the optimum snacking choices for changing lifestyles” said the supplier’s sales director for convenience, wholesale, discounters & foodservice, Matt Collins. “Our innovation will drive excitement by harnessing trends, stimulating the category and delivering incrementally.”

Hula Hoops is one of the UK’s fastest growing snack brands. It has added 14% (£12.5m) to its value sales to £101.8m [Nielsen 52 w/e 30 December 2017], without raising prices or succumbing to shrinkflation.

This year, the brand will spend £3m on promoting its core range and its recently extended Hula Hoops Puft and Big Hoops lineups.