JWE L'Or roast & ground Classique

Jacobs Douwe Egberts has launched its latest luxury coffee brand, L’OR, to be supported by an £8m media spend.

Rolling out now, the premium NPD comprises three formats: instant, roast & ground, and Tassimo capsules.

A trio of instant variants - Classique golden roast, Intense dark roast, and Decafeine - are available in 100g  (rsp: £4.99), with Classique also on offer in 200g (rsp: £7.49) and as a 150g refill (rsp: £5.49).

Suitable for use with for a cafetiere or filter system, the roast & ground option is packed as a 250g soft brick using new JDE technology designed to maintain the maximum aroma of Classique, Intense and smooth Elegant blends (rsp: £3.99).

Finally, four L’OR variants are landing on shelf as Tassimo capsules: XL Classique and Espresso Delizioso in packs of 16. and Latte Macchiato and Latte Macchiato Caramel in eight-packs (rsp: £4.49).

The range’s launch will be supported by an £8m investment across TV and digital advertising, high-impact POS, and sampling including busy commuter venues.

JDE hoped L’OR would set a “new gold standard of coffee” in the hot beverages category, said the supplier’s UK marketing director Martin Andreasen. “We recognised the importance and need for a luxury brand.”

He added: “L’OR will accelerate premiumisation in hot beverages, in line with consumer demand for ever-higher quality in home. Treating ourselves to little luxuries every day is a very common and growing trend in the UK.”