arla big yogs

Arla wants to give parents struggling to get their kids to eat their greens a helping hand with a new range of yoghurts containing veg.

Arla Big Yogs come in four flavours, which are available in two packs of two flavours: raspberry & beetroot and sweet potato & mango; and blueberry & pumpkin and strawberry & carrot.

The yoghurts are made with whole milk, sweetened with fruit juice concentrate and enriched with vitamin D and calcium. They went on sale in Asda this week (£1.69/4x110g).

Consumer research ahead of the launch found 95% of parents liked the idea of yoghurt containing veg, because their kids were reluctant to eat fresh veg, Arla said.

Arla isn’t the first to launch a veg yoghurt in the UK: Tesco sells a four-pack containing carrot & mango and beetroot & raspberry flavours. Yeo Valley has in the past offered an orange, carrot & mango limited edition.

Big Yogs is the latest kids-focused launch for Arla and follows Arla’s Big Milk last year, which is targeted at toddlers. Arla has also pushed further into the yoghurt category, introducing brands such as Arla Skyr and Arla Protein.

“Since we launched Arla Big Milk in 2015, we have been excited by the response the range has received from parents,” said brand manager Holly Twiss. “The launch of Arla Big Yogs has demonstrated Arla’s commitment to helping parents ensure their little ones get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy by creating delicious products enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.”