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Pladis claims McVitie’s Zero relates to a reduced sugar Digestives biscuit available in Turkey

Pladis appears to be readying its McVitie’s and Jacob’s brands for healthier treatments. 

It has applied to register the brand name ‘McVitie’s Zero’ and a logo for ‘Jacob’s Bites’ with the Intellectual Property Office under class 30, covering biscuits and wafers for the former, and crackers and crispbreads for the latter.

A spokesman for Pladis claimed McVitie’s Zero related to a reduced sugar Digestives biscuit available in Turkey, which “we currently have no plans to launch elsewhere”.

“We routinely trademark our brand names in territories around the world,” he said.

On Jacob’s Bites, he said: “We don’t have any news to share at this stage. Like all companies, as part of our planning process we trademark brand names from time to time, sometimes speculatively.”

However, Pladis has spent recent years developing HFSS-compliant spin-offs for both brands. 

It debuted Rich Tea Delights and Wholesense Digestives – each boasting 30% less sugar than their standard counterparts – in 2022.

Both were relaunched under ‘The Light One’ banner in 2023, bringing in £7.1m and £2.2m respectively [NIQ 52 w/e 31 December 2024].  

By comparison, value sales of traditional Rich Tea biscuits came to £31.5m over the period, while original Digestives raked in £56.0m.

For Jacob’s, meanwhile, Pladis reformulated Crinklys to make it HFSS-compliant last July. It claimed the Cheese & Onion variant was the second-highest retail value sales launch of 2023 in non-HFSS.