Little Beasts Grizzly Bar from Myprotein

Sports nutrition brand Myprotein is taking the protein trend to kids as it makes its first foray into the children’s health & nutrition market, with the November launch of its Little Beasts range.

The lineup’s introduction comes after brand research showed nearly 80% of parents with offspring aged between six and 17 believed there was a lack of healthy snack food options available for youngsters.

Little Beasts comprises the chocolate-flavoured Grizzly Bar made with oats and crispy rice; Fruity Drink in Orange, Mango & Pineapple and Strawberry & Banana variants; Milkshake Mix in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours; and the soluble supplement Bubbly Multivitamins.

The new range is aimed at active children ‘to help instil good nutritional habits for life’, with the bar and drinks providing between 5g and 8.3g of protein per serving, depending on SKU.

“We’ve incorporated both protein and fibre into our products to replace less desirable nutrients such as sugars and fat,” said Alex Brassil, senior new product development technologist at Myprotein. “We aim to encourage ‘smart swaps’” and have launched with several healthier alternative offerings to popular supermarket selections.”

The brand’s move into products for youngsters follows the introduction of its Active Women offering in response to an increasingly diverse fan base.

“Our core customer is no longer limited to the active male aged 18 to 35,” said Brassil. “We believe that correct nutrition is vital for all age groups, and we’re constantly looking at innovative NPD launches to support all-round wellbeing.”