Sainsbury's home delivery

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Name: Clodagh Moriarty

Job title: Director of online

It seems Sainsbury’s has been aggressively expanding its online operation since it last won the Online G33 in 2015. What have been the most significant developments for you? We’re evolving our business constantly to meet the changing needs of our customers. The rollout of the online shopping app in May was a big move because our customers shop across lots of channels and devices, so it’s making it as easy as possible for them to shop. Today about 5% of customers use the app to complete a full shop and we expect that to follow the customer trend upwards.

Sainsbury’s is also trialling a same-day delivery service. What was the thinking behind that? Customers are more often than not ordering for delivery in one or two days’ time so we decided to trial same day-delivery and we also have other innovations like the one-hour bike delivery service Chop Chop. Speed is critical in online grocery. The appetite for same-day delivery has been significant and we will continue to roll out the service.

Prices are slightly higher for your same-day delivery service. Are customers willing to pay a premium? I think we would aim to stay at the industry standard on price and make sure we are competitive. In our experience customers are willing to pay more for the convenience.

How does Sainsbury’s feel about the new entrants into online grocery, including Amazon? I think it makes it an exciting place for our customers to be and from our perspective we can continue to see our growth in orders reaching double digits. We believe we are set up for success.