Fit Kitchen ready meal

Fit Kitchen’s new healthy meal offering

A personalised meal delivery service has launched in London to cater for customers who want to eat healthily but don’t have the time.

Fit Kitchen will deliver food based on a customer’s individual nutritional needs and taste preferences for a starting price of £15 for two meals.

Customers can log into the site, which officially launched yesterday, to arrange delivery to anywhere within the M25.

The company was initially founded in 2015 but until now has had no online presence and only catered for a small number of private clients.

The service works by giving customers a “short series of questions” to determine their optimal daily intake of nutrients and taste preferences.

Fit Kitchen’s in-house chefs will create personalised meals based on the answers, switching a customer’s favourite unhealthy ingredients for healthy alternatives wherever possible.

Once the meals have been created, customers will have the opportunity to reorder them “at the click of a button” on the Fit Kitchen website.

The company was created by bodybuilder Amar Lodhia, who found he struggled to cook healthy meals while working long hours as a CEO.

“Whether you’re hoping to gain muscle, slim down, or simply maintain a healthy weight, eating in line with your optimal calorie intake is invaluable, but so many people don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare their meals with such specificity,” said Lodhia.

“We appreciate our founding customers lead busy lives and simply don’t always have time to prepare their own meals. They love that Fit Kitchen lets them enjoy the convenience of healthy foods delivered to their door, whilst still enjoying delicious and varied meals, which they can amend at any time using our unique system.”