frances cope ny bakery

My food & drink job: Frances Cope, innovation technologist, New York Bakery Co

Frances shares her journey into the world of bagels, including her role in the launch of NY Bakery Co’s newest NPD


My food & drink job: Eleanor Langford, production scheduler, Nestlé

Eleanor blends sustainability and efficiency at her role in Nestlé’s coffee manufacturing


Jimmy's - Dan Coulter

My food & drink job: Daniel Coulter, brand activation manager, Jimmy’s

‘Watching people pick them up off the shelves while doing your weekly shop is pretty rewarding’

groceryaid henry fricker

My food & drink job: Henry Fricker, relationship manager, GroceryAid

Grocery charity worker, Henry, shares his journey working to support LGBT people in diversity and inclusion


Tyler Lee Unilever

My food & drink job: Tyler Lee, ProUd network co-chair, Unilever

Unilever’s Pride network co-chair shares the impact having a community at work can help with support, mentoring and networking opportunities

ru brown tesco pride

My food & drink job: Ru Brown, Pride lead, Tesco

At just 22 years old, Ru shares how they are driving LGBTQ+ inclusion at the UK’s largest retailer

Chloe Boston brewdog

My food & drink job: Chloe Boston, social media manager, BrewDog

BrewDog’s Chloe talks about her journey from French bakery dreams to social media beer memes


My food & drink job: Ethan O’Brien, apprentice, Coca-Cola

’The opportunities are endless, you just have to put the work in and the rewards will follow’

Ollie Image

My food & drink job: Ollie Evans, international account manager, Princes

Ollie channels his childhood F1 dream into driving growth and sustainability in the food & drink sector


My food & drink job: Ruth Tyrie, brand manager, Surreal

Surreal cereal’s brand manager suggests stalking your career idol (on LinkedIn, not in real life)


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