Audrey Cook with The Queen

Audrey Cook meets the Queen

Back in 2014, The Grocer reported on a the long service of Audrey Cook at the Mars factory. She was later visited by the Queen, as told to us by her cousin John:

My late first cousin, Audrey, was singled out specially when the Queen (and her husband) visited the Mars Chocolate factory in Slough back in April 2013 and spoke with both The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

Audrey was born in February 1930 (so was 83 years old back in 2013).

She started work at the same factory back in 1914 aged just 14 and worked there continuously until she completed over 72 years as a Mars employee in 2016.

Audrey died on 1 July 2019.

- John Pearce


I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, our beloved sovereign.

Having met the Queen in a few different situations over many years, I always found her to be the epitome of kindness, graciousness and dignity. She normally had a very relevant question to ask, and often made a humorous comment.

It is no surprise that she has left an incredible legacy for future generations.

- Sir James N Walker CBE

Queen Elizabeth meets Beth Cook

Queen Elizabeth meets Beth Cook

I was chosen to present a posy of flowers to The Queen at The Royal Variety Perfomance when I was younger. Both Her Majesty and Prince Philip were lovely and engaged in conversation for a number of minutes (which seemed so long!). A memory I’ll treasure forever.  

- Beth Cook


I was 6 years old and a group of us went to see the Queen when she went to the Giant Food store in Queenstown, Maryland on 19 October 1957. Remember nothing but giggles and watching the lobsters in the tank when the Queen was looking at the meats. We lived in Queenstown Apartments at the time.

- George Eastman