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Source: Cauldron 

The brand’s NPD is a vegan alternative to dairy products such as feta

Plant-based brand Cauldron has taken its first steps into the vegan cheese alternative category with the launch of a Greek-style cubes line.

The chilled NPD, a dairy-free alternative to products such as feta, will go on sale in a Mediterranean herb variant in Waitrose from April, followed by Sainsbury’s in May (rsp: £2.50/250g). The brand said the cubes were “perfect for crumbling on top of salads and pasta”.

Made from sustainably-sourced soya beans and certified organic, the cubes were seasoned with basil and oregano, added Cauldron, which is a sister brand of Quorn and the UK’s biggest selling chilled meat-free brand [IRI 52 w/e 12 September 2020].

The product was also higher in protein and calcium than the current market-leading dairy-free cheese alternative, the brand claimed, and was sold in 100% recyclable packaging.

“Cauldron is passionate about showing shoppers how delicious and versatile plant-based products can be, encouraging them to embrace more sustainable food choices for their own health and the health of the planet,” said head of Cauldron, Tom Lindley.

“We expect our new Greek-style cubes to be really popular through the spring and summer months as people turn to lighter and healthier savoury dishes.”

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