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Source: Poundland

Poundland rebranded as ‘Motherland’ on hoardings for a new store

Poundland has agreed to stop calling itself ‘Motherland’ after being served with a cease and desist notice by Mothercare.

Lawyers intervened after Poundland rebranded as Motherland – in a style cheekily reminiscent of Mothercare branding – on hoardings advertising a soon-to-open flagship store.

The stunt was intended to highlight Poundland’s kidswear range ahead of the opening of the 10,000 sq ft ‘destination’ store in Biggleswade Retail Park.

Mothercare stores closed after the retailer fell into administration in 2019, but the brand still operates as a global franchise business with partners in 32 markets including Boots in the UK, where it is sold in more than 400 stores.


Source: Poundland

How the store looks now

Mothercare brand director Andrea Moore said the company was “surprised to see the closeness of the branding to Mothercare”.

“We appreciate it was a stunt to launch their store and should be flattered that we’re the market leader they chose to imitate,” said Moore. “However, we must protect our intellectual property, which has been built globally for over six decades.

“Following our cease and desist, Poundland agreed to stop using the infringing signs and replace the word Motherland with Parentland.

“They also need to take down their social media posts which they’ve yet to do and this matter remains in the hands of our lawyers.”

A Poundland spokesman said: “We’re a little surprised they threw their toys out of the pram, but we’re looking forward to welcoming parents to see our kids and baby clothing ranges when we open later in the month.”