A ‘Wheel of Health’ colour-coded labelling scheme will be introduced at Sainbury to help consumers make choices on healthy eating.
The front-of-pack guide will be in the form of a wheel and mark levels of salt, fat, saturated fat, added sugar and calories as red (‘think’), orange (‘ok’) or green (‘go’).
Consumers will also be able to see how these nutrients contribute towards Guideline Daily Amounts. This will be in addition to existing back-of-pack nutrition information.
The scheme will appear on 30 own label products from January 2005 and is expected to roll out to all own label foods.
During trials, customers said seeing the information presented in this way could make them change their eating habits, said marketing director Stephen Nelson.
“We want to provide our customers with nutritional information in the most effective way so they can choose for themselves how best to achieve a balanced diet.
“We believe that our approach will be invaluable for the food retail industry.”