Morrisons Croydon took the win this week - but it still leaves them in last place overall as it’s only the retailer’s second victory this G33 year. The “bright and clean” store offered a “stunning” range of fruit & veg, and though availability was poor, store standards and service from the “amazing” staff couldn’t be faulted.

Sainsbury’s Altrincham store was the only retailer to score points for availability. Just one point behind, the store was neat, tidy and well-merchandised. It was easy to navigate as signage was helpful. Staff were fairly easy to find and encounters were good. At the checkout there was a short queue and the assistant gave a friendly farewell - though a mistake was spotted on the receipt.

Tesco Swansea Llansamlet was busy and staff were seen tidying shelves and checking stock. There was an array of winter gardening items at the entrance and Halloween products down the seasonal aisle. Staff were easy to identify but stock levels were very low; staff admitted they hadn’t had time to get products out on to the shop floor. Queues were short. The assistant offered help with packing.

There was lots of clutter on entry to Asda Ipswich. Boxes and crates were stacked up making it feel “hectic” said our shopper. In-store signage didn’t make sense - other shoppers were even overheard commenting on the “ridiculous” layout. “Useless” staff left our shopper waiting endlessly while they “looked out the back”, never to return. The checkout experience was poor - the assistant said hello and nothing else.

Aisles were cluttered with restocking trolleys at Waitrose Eldon Square. Staff were unsure about items not on shelves and didn’t make any effort to help find them. A lengthy queue at the checkout (four minutes) only heightened the “frustrating and unpleasant” experience.