Sainsbury’s Banbury had the best availability this week - that’s what made the difference as it lost just two points for a not-stocked item. The “busy”, “clean” and “spacious” store also featured “excellent” offers and a good variety of toiletries, drinks, cleaning products and food items. Service from all but one member of staff was also excellent.

Signage was poor in the car park at Tesco Broughton, with one-way systems not properly marked. Inside, the store was clean but empty boxes were spotted down some aisles. Queue time was low, but two out of stock items affected their score in that section.

There was a good range of services at the Halifax Asda store, though the positioning of goods seemed “a little haphazard” and litter was spotted on the floor. Staff on the shop floor were excellent, though a little hard to find in some areas.

Waitrose Bromley didn’t score a single point for availability this week. A staff check confirmed that no bakery items were available at all. It made up for this somewhat with a high score at the checkout, with no queue and quick scanning.

The Morrisons store at Baillieston scored lowest, only managing double digits in one of the six categories. The store was thought to be in need of updating, with many empty spaces noted. A member of staff in the fruit & veg section didn’t properly check whether items were stocked and left our shopper wondering whether he even knew what kale was. The queue at the checkout was more than four minutes and the store “seemed understaffed”.