Mars Consumer Drinks is continuing to make inroads into milkshakes with new super-thick shakes that capitalise on two leading brands.

The Twix Super Thick Shake is a rich caramel shake served with a bag of baby Twix Mini Stix. The M&M's Super Thick Shake is a creamy chocolate milkshake with a bag of chocolate M&M's. Both are priced at £1.49 for 200ml.

The shakes are packaged in a frappucino-style cup with the chocolate snacks stored in the lid, to be stirred into the shake or eaten first.

The packaging also includes a 'straw-spoon' which the company says delivers a crossover from shake into "dessert drink".

The launch will be accompanied by in-store material, but there is no separate budget for the shakes. Instead, they will ride on the back of the multimillion pound media campaigns already in place for the two brands, said Mars.