Simon Mowbray KP will next month make a Shok addition to its burgeoning Hula Hoops range of bagged snacks, with the company claiming a packaging first for the sector. Hula Hoops Shoks will hit stores in three flavours and foil cube packs on April 21, with the company aiming for maximum on-shelf impact. The company has also given Hula Hoops sub-brand XL a packaging makeover, clearly differentiating them from the core brand. KP marketing director Mandy Ferguson said Shoks ­ Mini Hula Hoops in Full-On Onion, Bigtime Saucy and Totally Cheesy flavours ­ would stand out from the original offering as more of an impulse purchase. She said more than 60% of standard Hula Hoops sales were accounted for by multipacks, meaning there was a gap in the market for a viable impulse product that would add incremental value to the sector. She predicted that first year sales would be at least £10m and added that consumers had "loved" the product during tests. A £4m marketing investment, including television commercials, has been set aside for the eight weeks after launch. Another £1.4m will go on supporting the XL revamp. {{P&P }}