Savoury bagged snack Skips is to sponsor new TV series Stars in their Eyes Kids, which starts a nine-week run this weekend, as part of the brand's £2.7m marketing budget this year.
Ads at the beginning, end and during the show feature an animated brand character called Tongue.

Britvic is running an on-pack offer on its Aqua Libra adult soft drink for free products from Covent Garden health salon The Sanctuary.
The promotion is part of a £1m brand investment which includes sponsoring London and regional performances of the ballet Sleeping Beauty.

Fiji natural mineral water will be listed in all Waitrose stores from the beginning of next month in both 500ml and one litre sizes.
Sourced from the Pacific island of Viti Levu, the water is naturally high in silica, said to be good for hair and nails.
The company claims the water is popular with celebrities such as rock star Ozzy Osbourne and actress Jennifer Aniston.