Share a Coke bottles

Coca-Cola has added 100 more names to its Share a Coke bottles

Coca-Cola is launching the next stage of the Share a Coke campaign it kicked off with the rollout of Coke bottles carrying individual names.

The brand is adding another 100 names to the 150 already available on bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, and is this week embarking on a national tour. The brand will be visiting 70 locations, including festivals, to give consumers the chance to create their own personalised bottle of Coke.

Coca-Cola is working with musician Conor Maynard, who will help to spread the word about the campaign with a live streaming experience via Google+ Hangouts. The Share a Coke activity will also be supported with national press advertising featuring the new names.

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The company said 120,000 messages had been tweeted by consumers who have found or been given a bottle with their name on, and claimed the initiative had been well received by retailers.

“We have seen a genuine uplift in sales as people come in to search for their names,” Londis retailer Bintesh Amin told Coca-Cola. “We have had new faces in the stores, as well as customers coming in specifically to look for bottles.”

Caroline Cater, operational marketing director for Coca-Cola Enterprises, said: “We are delighted to be able to now take this campaign on the road so that everyone can have the opportunity to create a personalised bottle of Coke with their best friend or family member’s name on it.

“It’s also great that Share a Coke has helped create such a high level of engagement with our customers and to see retailers excited about the impact on their stores.”

For more information, see the Share a Coke website.