Southern Alps is making its first foray into the snack bar arena in a bid to tap the growth of on-the-go healthy snacking.

Slow Puck, which is rolling out now, contains the slow-dried fruit used in its fruit mixes and mueslis. The bars contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Available from a number of health food stores, including Whole Foods Market and Fresh & Wild, the newcomer has been named Slow Puck because of its resemblance to an ice hockey puck.

"Sales of our slow fruit and breakfast cereals have steadily increased throughout 2007," said Steve Cabrera, commercial director. "The Slow Puck launch is already being well-received by Whole Foods and Fresh & Wild.''

The range comes in four flavours: fig & macadamia; pear, mulberry & Brazil nut; mango, apple & almond; and a pineapple, fig and Brazil nut. The bars have an rsp of 99p.