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Supermarkets and leading drinks companies have announced new trials of technology to trace the recycling of their plastic packaging.

Aldi, Co-op and Ocado are working with suppliers including Arla Foods and Müller to employ the new technology, which uses invisible 2D UV tags on milk and water bottles.

Recycling tech company Polytag is deploying the system in conjunction with waste giant Biffa’s material recycling facility (MRF) in Teesside.

Co-op’s water bottles and Aldi and Ocado’s milk products will be processed through a UV tag reader retrofitted onto the plastic conveyor at the plant.

It will enable the retailers to access real-time data insights, including where, when and how much packaging has been recycled, to help optimise their sustainability strategies.

The trial will also enable Biffa to start to capturing real-time data on packaging composition through its processing operations.

“Growing numbers of stakeholders are becoming aware of the necessity of data to incite meaningful change when it comes to recycling, and we know the power this never-before-seen data can have for brands and retailers committed to delivering their sustainability goals,” said Polytag CEO Alice Rackley.

“Biffa is a pioneer in closed-loop plastic recycling, and we’re committed to exploring new technologies to further optimise resource recovery,” added Carla Brian, senior commercial development manager at Biffa.