harrogate spring 50% rPET bottles

The new bottle has ‘a slight blue, glass-like tinge’

Harrogate Spring has unveiled a bottle made from more than 50% recycled plastic – “the highest percentage use of UK post-consumer recycled PET of any water producer” according to the North Yorkshire brand.

The use of British-sourced rPET had given the packaging “a slight blue, glass-like tinge” said Harrogate Spring brand manager Nicky Cain, while green lettering had been added “to reinforce the recycling message to consumers”.

The new design marks the first time Harrogate Spring has used colour on its label. “The use of colour stands out, encouraging consumer interaction and a better understanding of the link between recycling and the use of rPET in the life-cycle of the product,” Cain added.

While PET bottles were “already the greenest packaging option for bottled water when compared with alternative packaging materials”, Harrogate Spring’s use of more than 50% recycled plastic “was even better for the environment, helping towards achieving a fully sustainable circular economy”.

The brand’s switch to British rPET brings its plastic packaging in line with its glass bottles, which have used 50% recycled content for years. The launch comes after Highland Spring began a trial of a 100% rPET pack in June, using plastic sourced from the Continent.