Tesco urban delivery lorry [HR]

Source: Tesco

The electric Renault lorry is delivering to more than 400 stores in Greater London

Tesco said today it has become the first retailer to launch a zero-emission electric lorry to make deliveries from its distribution centres to stores in city centres.

The Renault vehicle is delivering to more than 400 stores in Greater London, with further electric lorries entering service in the coming months.

Tesco said the lorry has a range of up to 130 miles and was able to carry the same payload as the diesel truck it replaces.

The move comes with an increasing number of towns and cities planning zero-emission zones to tackle poor air quality, with electric vehicles expected to play an increasingly important role in delivering goods.

The lorry is expected to replace around 30,000 miles per year of diesel-fuelled road miles with clean green energy, removing 23 tonnes of CO2 per year, with Tesco having installed electric charge points at its Dagenham distribution centre.

The supermarket is also working with Volta Trucks on a prototype full-electric lorry. The Volta Zero was specifically designed to help tackle the problem of emissions in urban areas as well as improving road safety

Its glasshouse-style cab, where the driver sits in the centre, together with cameras replacing wing mirrors, minimises blind spots and allows the driver better visibility of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

In January this year, Tesco became the first UK retailer to add electric heavy freight articulated trucks to its fleet, which transport products emissions-free between Cardiff rail terminal and its distribution centre in Magor.

“We all want to see improved air quality and less pollution in our towns and cities, and electric vehicles will play a crucial role in achieving this,” said Tesco UK and ROI CEO Jason Tarry.

The Tesco distribution network is one of the largest in the UK and provides us with a great opportunity to roll out new technologies like this industry-leading E Tech electric truck from Renault Trucks. Together with our switch to electric home delivery vans and rolling out electric vehicle charging points for our customers, we’re really excited about the improvements we’re making across our business, and our transition to electric vehicles.”