The National Beef Association is claiming victory over Tesco in the row about separating retail beef displays according to the meat's country of origin.

The dispute has been smouldering for months, after the NBA said it was considering a legal challenge to the multiples because bad labelling meant shoppers were buying imported beef thinking it was British.

Now Tesco has agreed to put signs up around the fixture in Scottish stores, warning customers that only packs with the Saltire on them are Scotch beef.

"Tesco's decision is a step in the right direction - and one we hope will be adopted by other multiple retailers. It will help to prevent consumers picking up packs from other countries by mistake," said NBA chief executive Robert Forster.

Differentiating beef properly was the first step on the way to raising Scottish beef prices, he added. "It should make it easier to test consumer reaction to a price rise for Scottish beef more accurately."