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Product: Mum’s Ingredients
Company: Heinz
Price: £1.19 for a 2x80g pack

Mum’s Ingredients are jars of steamed and puréed core ingredients such as vegetables, meat and rice which can be added to other foods to form a complete meal.

Consumer’s verdict
Rosa fernandz, mum and teacher, 30, crawley, West Sussex

This was not easy to prepare. I had to use a food processor to make it smooth enough for my five-month-old baby, not a good start. I am not sure how great a market there is for this kind of product as I, like most mums I know, only use prepared baby food if I occasionally need a quick and easy solution. However, I did actually taste both of the two variants and they proved to be far superior to your bogstandard offerings. Still, it would not take much longer to prepare your own from scratch. Personally, this product is not one I would buy as I don’t really see the benefit, although it is good value for money.

Score: 12/25

Buyer’s verdict
Valerie aston, buying controller, proudfoot

Traditional Heinz baby food packaging introduces this product initially, which is a little worrying as this line may be picked up in error instead of a traditional ready meal. The ‘just add’ message should be a little larger and bolder. The reason I say this is that this product range is intended to have additional vegetables, rice or pasta added to the purée to create the meal. Obviously, I did not try the product although from reading the pack, quality ingredients are used and all are steam-cooked. Using half a jar per portion, depending on a baby’s appetite, you should get four meals out of these packs, which should offer good value.

Score: 17/25

Total score: 29/50