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From: Walkers

Stax is on trial in selected stores in the London area. The Pringles-style snack comes in three flavours - ready salted, cheese & onion and sour cream & onion.
Price: £1.28 per tube
Total score: 32/50

Consumer’s verdict
Suzie Plumb, curator,
28, Westminster, London

I tried all three flavours and although all have a good crunch to them, I wasn’t that impressed with the selection.

A barbecue or salt and vinegar offering would have enhanced the range.

All the flavours tasted quite salty. The cheese & onion flavour was my favourite. I would possibly buy it if I had people round, but only if it was on offer. The sour cream & onion offering did nothing for me.

I have always liked Pringles and Stax has the same easy-to-eat shape and texture. However, I think Pringles is a much better product.

If Walkers changed the containers and produced a wider range of flavours, I might be more inclined to choose this product, but in its current format it would be unlikely to attract my attention.
Score: 15/25

Buyer’s verdict
Jonathon Bayne, Technical development controller, Budgens

The packaging is an interesting design, which instantly provides a clue to what the product inside is trying to match - an existing and very well established potato-based snack product.

It is eye-catching and will no doubt look good on the supermarket shelves.

However, I am not sure if the public will take to Stax. Those customers who are loyal followers of Walkers will no doubt buy them.

I found the flavours uninspiring and two were quite disappointing. The product certainly did not live up to the promising packaging.

Only time will tell if the newcomer is a success, but with the full might of the Walkers marketing arm behind it, it stands a good chance.

However, it is not a patch on Pringles.
Score: 17/25