Source: Tesco

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits cost Tesco Clubcard members just £1

A raft of exclusive deals for loyalty members helped Tesco secure a comfortable pricing win in the final week of this year’s Grocer 33 competition.

The UK’s biggest grocer had special Clubcard Prices on nine of the 33 items. The combined discounts totalled £8.40 and represented an 11.4% saving versus the price shoppers paid without a loyalty card.

The upshot was Tesco’s bill fell from £82.30 to £73.90 and undercut second-placed Asda by £4.29. Tesco offered the lowest price for 18 products and was exclusively cheapest for three: the Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits, Hovis 1886 loaf and Ben’s Original sauce.

The reductions also meant Tesco’s basket was once again cheaper both month on month (–6.9%) and year on year (–2.9%), helping drive down inflation on the average basket.

Asda was cheapest for 15 lines and exclusively so for six, including the diced lamb, Spontex scourers and Whole Earth peanut butter.

Sainsbury’s only managed third spot this week despite also offering significant savings for loyalty scheme members while also recording negative inflation overall. Nectar card holders enjoyed an instant discount of £6.30 but this took Sainsbury’s total down to £78.25, so it was still £4.35 more expensive than Tesco and 6p dearer than Asda. It was exclusively cheapest for four items, including the chocolate brownie bites and the frozen raspberries.

Morrisons was only exclusively cheapest for the tortilla wraps, as it came in £6.44 more expensive than Tesco at £80.34. It slipped from second to fourth after factoring in the impact of loyalty schemes.

Waitrose’s total of £91.29 was £17.39 more expensive than Tesco’s. The upmarket retailer offered the lowest price for five items and was actually cheaper than its rivals for the quinoa.