Clubcard 1

Tesco Clubcard members would have received a £6.10 discount this week

Tesco’s Clubcard Prices proved decisive again as the grocer’s loyalty benefits helped it undercut Asda.

Asda, which this month launched a price-matching scheme against both Aldi and Lidl, was cheapest based on its shelf-edge prices, its £70.22 total £3.87 cheaper than Tesco’s.

In the process, Asda offered the lowest price for 16 items and was exclusively cheapest for nine, including the bacon, Cadbury Mini Rolls, Innocent smoothie and Solero ice creams.

Tesco was cheapest for 14 items, exclusively so for four – the Aunt Bessie’s roast parsnips, Colman’s mustard, Dettol spray and egg custard tarts. However, Clubcard Prices on a further eight lines made all the difference. The discounts added up to £6.10, which reduced Tesco’s shopping bill to £67.99, undercutting Asda by £2.23.

Morrisons was exclusively cheapest for the Barefoot merlot, figs and pesto as it came in £4.49 more expensive than Asda at £74.71.

Sainsbury’s was £5.50 more expensive than Asda at £75.72. Its Nectar card members would have received £4.70 in discounts, although this would still have left it 80p more expensive than Asda. Sainsbury’s was exclusively cheapest for the raspberry jam and the kale.

Waitrose was also exclusively cheapest for two items – the red cabbage and Simple facewash. However, overall it came in £11.03 more expensive than Asda at £81.25.

There was no change in prices month on month, though prices were 7% more expensive than last January.

This week the ONS announced an unexpected rise in UK inflation, back up to 4%, which was put down to duty increases on tobacco and alcohol. Indeed the Wwine on our list this week was one of only four items that had increased by more than 20% year on year.