Source: JJ Foodservice

JJ said it aspired to be ”an inclusive, refugee-friendly business”

JJ Foodservice has pledged to work with local councils to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK in the coming months.

The wholesaler said it would support refugees with advice on essential skills such as CV writing.

Additionally, the company said that it would provide a mentoring programme, allowing workers to match with other professionals with different skill sets, and offer advice on switching careers.

“We understand that candidates from overseas may have limited UK-accredited qualifications and might need help with re-training,” said JJ HR manager Joanna Florczak.

“We aspire to be an inclusive, refugee-friendly business, which means our goal is to make every member of the JJ team feel accepted, comfortable, and able to share their ideas regardless of where they have come from or their personal circumstances.”

It comes as Boris Johnson announced this week that up to 200,000 Ukrainians could arrive in the UK due to the Russian invasion.