Featured space promotions for vegetarian brands have made a slow start in 2007. In data captured from 1 to 27 January 2007, only Quorn and Grassington's have recorded offers.

Quorn's activity so far this year has been on cottage pies in Tesco, lamb grills in Morrisons and fillets, oriental pieces and tikka fillets in Sainsbury's. Of the offers recorded, 74% were for its chilled range and 26% for frozen. Grassington's has been the only other vegetarian brand to be included in Promotrack data so far in 2007, with its frozen Grassington's grills on offer in Asda.

Quorn dominated vegetarian branded activity in 2006.

For the chilled range it accounted for 86% of offers with Cauldron taking 14%. Quorn's range was available in Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco mainly on bogof. Promotions were recorded at least once a month from February to September.

Cauldron's tofu 250g was on offer in Morrisons only, on bogof. Offers were recorded in February and May.

In the frozen vegetarian category in 2006 Quorn had the most activity, accounting for 38% of featured space, Grassington's accounted for 31% and both Linda McCartney and Goodlife took a 16% share. Quorn recorded activity for its frozen range in March, April, June, July and August. Its primary focus was Sainsbury's, though there was also some activity at Asda and Morrisons. Bogof was the favoured mechanic, with x for y and save used secondarily.

Grassington's grills was featured in Asda with save, Sainsbury's with x for y and Somerfield with bogof. Activity was recorded in January and then June to October.

Linda McCartney brands were on frozen featured space promotion throughout August and September but only with Linda McCartney lasagne in Morrisons.

Goodlife's only offer was for its butternut squash roast 400g, which was on bogof in Sainsbury in October.