With a heatwave on the horizon, Waitrose is dragging Britain into summer with its new ‘Summer of Nostalgia’ range.

‘We know our customers are embracing the spirit of spontaneity when it comes to the summer months. They want less prep and to have the best food, at the right moment,’ says Martyn Lee, product innovation & executive chef at Waitrose. ‘We’ve focused on flavours from abroad and also embracing the very best of British, we’ve sought to create something for every occasion this summer.’

The retailer has delved into AI-driven food and drink trends, customer insights and social media buzz, to bring launches from Welsh Rarebit Scotch Egg to Nduja & Mozzarella Calzones and Mac ‘n’ Cheese Quiche to Daisy Cheesecakes. This year, Waitrose is taking us on a contemporary trip down memory lane


Beef Smash Burgers With Bone Marrow



Extra-thick beef burgers for shoppers to smash for crispy edges. Made with bone marrow.


Red Leicester Cheese & Sriracha Burger Melts 



A blend of red leicester cheese with sriracha and scotch bonnet chillies, with pieces of mango and red pepper. 


2 American Style Pork Melt Burgers 



Pork burgers with monterey jack cheese and jalapeño.


4 New York Style Beef & Pork Hot Dogs 



New York Deli style hot dogs made with beef and pork. 


Middle Eastern Inspired Chicken Thighs With Amba Sauce 



Middle Eastern-inspired spiced chicken thighs, with a mango amba sauce packet to drizzle.


6 Smokin’ Hot Honey Pork Belly Slices 



Pork belly slices with a sweet and smoky hot honey glaze.



Creamy Pecorino Dip  



Creamy pecorino cheese dip blended with basil and topped with vibrant tomato pesto.


Smoky Tomato & Pepper Dip  



Smoky tomato dip, with fire roasted red peppers, peppery pul biber chilli and toasted pine nuts.


Tex Mex Creamed Corn Dip  



Creamy Tex Mex inspired dip, with corn, jalapeño and lime and monterey jack cheese.


Meaty sides

2 Welsh Rarebit Pork Scotch Eggs  



A free range hard-boiled egg encased in seasoned pork with a cheddar cheese, wholegrain mustard and Worcestershire-style sauce. Coated in savoury breadcrumbs.


Popcorn Chicken With BBQ Sauce Dip  



Seasoned southern fried British chicken coated in peppery breadcrumbs, served with hickory smoked BBQ sauce.


Smoky Chipotle & Lime Chicken Pieces 



Smoky chipotle and lime flavoured, cooked British chicken breast pieces.


2 Pork & Egg Gala Pie Slices  



Two slices of pork and egg gala pie, made with cured British pork around a hard boiled free-range egg. In a hot water crust pastry finished with jelly.


’Nduja & Mozzarella Calzones  



A buttery cheese puff pastry calzone, filled with spicy ’nduja and mozzarella sauce with a hint of basil, glazed with egg yolk and topped with a smoked paprika sprinkle.


Pork & Apple Dinky Pies  



Mini pork pies made from cured British pork with apple sauce, diced apple pieces and sage. Baked in a hot water crust pastry and topped with a herby sprinkle.


Veggie sides

Aleppo Chilli & Lemon Domat Olives 



Turkish olives marinated in a dressing of Aleppo chilli, lemon, garlic, coriander and mint. 


Caprese Inspired Aperitivo Platter  



An Italian inspired mix of basil pesto dip, stone-in nocellara olives, mozzarella pearls, garlic and herb bruschetta bites and sun-dried tomatoes.


Cheddar & Hot Honey Pinwheels  



Sweet and spicy hot honey sauce sprinkled with extra mature cheddar cheese, wrapped in a cheesy puff pastry, and finished with smoky ancho chilli and herb crumb.


Chargrilled Vegetable Antipasti Salad  



A selection of mixed char-grilled veg: yellow courgette, green courgette, peppers and fennel in a dressing of thyme and sherry vinegar.


Marinated Tomato Antipasti Salad  



A mix of marinated semi-dried red and yellow tomatoes in a basil dressing.


Roasted Garlic Aioli Potato Salad  



Potatoes, spring onions and chopped parsley in a creamy roasted garlic mayo.



Mac ‘n’ Cheese Quiche 



Extra mature cheddar and red Leicester cheeses mixed with sautéed onion, mustard, free range eggs, cream and macaroni, served in a shortcrust cheese pastry case. Topped with a savoury cheese crumb and fried onions.


Beetroot, Spinach & Mascarpone Quiche  



Creamy mascarpone and spinach baked with free-range eggs and double cream, in a shortcrust pastry case, topped with caramelised balsamic beetroot. 


Cheddar, Courgette & Pea Crustless Quiche  



Courgette, peas and spinach with extra mature cheddar and mint in a crustless quiche. Made with free-range eggs and double cream on a crisp shortcrust pastry base.



2 Lemon & Lime Daisy Cheesecakes 



Two smooth vanilla cheesecakes with a lemon and lime curd centre, on a digestive biscuit base.



Classic Mojito Mocktail 



Non-alcoholic classic mojito made with lime juice and Mediterranean lemons, lightly sweetened with sugar. 


Piña Colada Mocktail 



Piña Colada Mocktail, made with pineapple juice, white grape juice and coconut milk made with fruit not from concentrate. 


Watermelon Cooler 



Made from watermelon and lime juice, hibiscus extract and sugar.