East End Foods intends to spice up its business -by exporting curry powder back to India.

The Asian food company, one of more than 100 SMEs, multinationals and universities invited on David Cameron’s recent India trade delegation, is in talks to supply Indian food distributors and independent supermarkets with goods ranging from Heinz Baked Beanz to East End Foods branded spices.

“We’ve been talking to Indian food distributors and explaining the difference in our products,” said chairman Tony Deep Wouhra.

“With our sophisticated machinery, we can take out mudballs, stones, stalks and dust [from the imported spices] and mill and blend them. It would be fantastic if East End could sell curry powder back to India in a purer, more superior form.”

The wholesaler expects to sign up deals over the next three months to supply a number of India’s independent stores from its Aston cash & carry. “Fmcg brands are in high demand in India but the supply chain is terrible,” Deep said. “Some of them sell Heinz beans one month and then won’t have it [the next]. That’s the supply that’s going on.”