Harlech Expo David Cattrall-2

Welsh wholesaler Harlech Foodservice has launched a campaign to “slash prices” and “undercut its competitors” by as much as 38%.

Harlech says it wants to offer “honest list prices” instead of continuing “the common practice of fake, artificially inflated list prices”.

As a result, over a hundred lines have been added to Harlech’s price comparison package as part of its ‘Trust Our Prices’ initiative launched earlier this year, with nearly 400 top sellers benchmarked against competitors’ prices.

The wholesaler claims its offer is 38% cheaper than Brakes, 15% cheaper than its biggest rival in Wales, Castell Howell, and 5% cheaper than the UK’s biggest wholesaler Booker.

“We are disrupting the established way foodservice companies operate,” said MD David Cattrall.

“We’ve done the price comparisons so our customers don’t have to. We will be offering a core range of foodservice products at honest list prices, rather than the common practice of fake, artificially inflated list prices that require ‘negotiation’.

“Our Trust Our Prices pledge covers 390 popular items with the prices being locked down for more than three months – and we are promising no sneaky price rises without warning.

“We understand how unpredictable trade can be for our customers, so they can order up to 10pm once their service has finished, and we deliver to premises the following day, six days a week. These are highly competitive prices on genuine key lines for our customers.”

Harlech announced its price-cutting strategy during its two-day food expo for trade customers.

The wholesaler said its Trust Our Prices campaign is proving “hugely popular” with customers and received good feedback at the expo.