That Boutique-y Rum Company

Posh spirits supplier That Boutique-y Drinks Company has expanded into rum.

It has launched That Boutique-y Rum Company, which will source and distribute “rare and delicious” rums from prestigious distilleries and “unusual casks” over the coming years.

The initial range consists of nine rums from distilleries such as Bellevue, O Reizinho, Travellers and Enmore as well as one secret distillery, with an eye to adding further drinks down the line.

It rolls out this week into high end retailers such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, as well as online through Master of Malt (rsp: £32.95-£202.95/70cl).

The collection showcased “aged rums and long-lost distillery classics” said the supplier. “In typical Boutique-y fashion, there will also be totally top-secret distillery bottlings designed to tease and please the most devoted rum-lovers.”

Every rum launched by the brand contains no added sugar or flavourings and “a no-BS approach to categorisation”, which classifies the range using method of production, noting whether it comes from a single distillery or multiple distilleries, and whether it was made in a traditional column still or a pot still.

It was “such an exciting range for us to bring to our partners - one that will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years”, said Michael Vachon, co-founder of Maverick Drinks, which owns That Boutique-y Drinks Company.

“Each bottling will be small batch and limited edition, with a fresh approach to rum categorisation that is all about the process and the provenance, not the colour.”

The Boutique-y Rum collection will sit alongside sister brands That Boutique-y Whisky Company and That Boutique-y Gin Company.