Aldi double toilet rolls

Source: Aldi

The doubled-volume rolls are available in four, six, eight and 12-packs

Aldi has doubled the amount of paper on some own brand toilet rolls in a trial aimed at reducing the plastic packaging per 100 sheets.

The trial, in the West Midlands, East Midlands and Yorkshire, will also reduce the number of lorries needed to deliver toilet roll to stores, according to Aldi.

The doubled-volume rolls are available in four, six, eight and 12-packs. The price per 100 sheets is in line with that of the smaller rolls and 1p cheaper than the average across its own brand loo paper, according to the discounter.

Extended to all stores, the move could save over 60 tonnes of plastic packaging a year, Aldi said.

“We’re working hard to reduce our environmental footprint wherever we can, and we’re always looking for new ways to make a difference,” said Aldi plastics and packaging director Luke Emery.

“Reducing the plastic waste and carbon emissions related to such a widely used product will have a huge positive impact, and it’s just one example of some exciting changes we have in the pipeline.”

A similar move by Asda to double the paper per roll in 2022 attracted a flurry of complaints on social media that the updated variants did not fit on household loo roll holders.

Loo paper packaging initiatives by other supermarkets have included Morrisons and Sainsbury’s switching plastic for paper and Tesco winding rolls more tightly.