KP Snacks is putting £3.5m behind recently launched Hula Hoops Shoks with the first TV ad for the brand hitting screens on Monday (May 6). Running for 10 weeks, two ads will be aired during the push to coincide with national roll out of the high-flavoured snacks which come in cube-shaped packs. Aimed at the brand's target market of 12 to 24-year-olds, the ads aim to drive awareness before purchase and play on the brand's shok-ing' strapline. Mandy Ferguson, marketing director at KP, said: "Once consumers have seen the ad, they may feel slightly uneasy about getting into the bath or onto the toilet with too much haste. This campaign is different from anything else KP Snacks has ever done." Both ads break on satellite channels before rolling out on to terrestrial from May 20. Other activity will include poster and press ads as well as the internet. {{P&P }}