Bogof was let off the leash last week at BrewDog’s agm, where the self-appointed punks of craft beer toasted their fifth birthday.

You can tell a lot about a company from its agm. M&S’s Marc Bolland gets a roasting about finances, while the most probing question from BrewDog’s ‘fanvestors’ was on when burgers would be sold at its Aberdeen city centre bar.

Special beers brewed for the bash were DogA, a 15.9% gut-buster containing cacao, coffee and Naga chilli, as well as Dead Pony Club Pale Ale (3.9%). Despite 2,000 ‘punks’ rocking up, only The Grocer asked about the financials, with founder James Watt projecting global domination by2017.

The only bum note was in the wee hours when Bogof was hounded through Aberdeen by locals calling your scribe an “English w****r”. Bogof suspects they may have overdone the DogA.