Freed from the shackles of Werther’s Original, grandads are enjoying an advertising ‘moment’, starring in new spots for Weetabix and Coca-Cola.

In the Weetabix ad, a grumpy gramps is left in charge of the kids, and promptly turns into a great playmate, leading an energetic day of dressing-up, games and water fights - all fuelled by Weetabix.

Coke’s ad, meanwhile, contrasts grandad’s life back in the day with grandson’s now.

‘Live like grandpa did’, it urges, highlighting the smaller portions, healthier snacks and active lifestyles of folk in the 1950s (though not their smoking and drinking habits).

It’s all a bit rose-tinted, frankly, and the healthy lifestyle message just doesn’t ring as true as it does in the Weetabix ad.