Builder holding bottle of Heinz HP Sauce

Source: HP Sauce

Saucy: a builder shows off HP’s new scaffolding bottle

The Elizabeth Tower, home to Big Ben, is marking its 160th year. However, much to the dismay of selfie stick-wielding tourists, it has been clad in scaffolding since May 2017, while it undergoes repairs and gets a lift installed.

For HP Sauce – “the only brand with the Houses of Parliament present on its product packaging”, so Kraft Heinz’s marketing manager for UK sauces Joel Hughes tells us – this presents a problem. Its packaging looks out of date!

Fortunately this has now been remedied, with the brand this week launching updated, scaffold-tastic labels, which it got a builder (pictured) to model. There’s an added bonus, too – obscuring such a powerful symbol of British bureaucracy also conveniently distances the brand from the ongoing skip fire that is UK politics. Score! At least until 2021, when the scaffolding comes down and the label changes back. But everything will be fine by then.

The new labels will only be going on the brand’s 255g glass bottles – so if you still want a scaffolding-free Big Ben selfie, pick up a bigger bottle and pose!