You may not imagine it from the photo above - not a grey hair in sight, no broadening of the hips - but I am approaching 30 and thus due a proper PR girl career crisis. According to Miranda, who’s already been there and done that, this takes the form of worrying about whether you are contributing to society (duh - obviously not, you’re in PR), getting all het up about over-promising and continual under-delivery, drinking even more than usual in the company of unsuitable men and then deciding to become a florist (or, in some variants, a landscape gardener). In fact, the flower shops, parks and gardens of London are full of ex-PR girls who could as easily whip you up a killer press release as pot a begonia or tie a bouquet (budget bloom selection, £32.99 delivery not included).

So those of us who decide to stay at the coalface deserve more than a 1.2% rise (deferred until 2014 - “everyone’s economising, darling”) and the promise of a Tesco laptop for Christmas. The news that P&G is lobbying to include extra whiteners (more Daz, presumably) in its toothpaste even prompted Karoline (with a K) to withdraw her offer of free dental care. “Who needs it? We’ll all have American teeth soon,” she cackles.

So it’s back to the desk and the challenge of stimulating demand for marzipan on behalf of a consortium of food ingredient manufacturers. Our pop-up marzipan shop, with full social media campaign, failed to ignite any interest at all, so we’ve gone back to basics and started to spread rumours about the almond crop failing and price rises ahead. That should get savvy shoppers stocking up. And it’ll redress the balance on the toothcare front at the same time.