fyffes bananas

Fyffes faces heat over Costa Rican drainage systems Subscription

09 Nov 2017 | By Rachel Graham

The GMB union accused the company of “putting profits before people and planet”…


Veg supply shortages set to continue

26 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

Availability of courgettes could be “very short” until at least June

fishing boat

More than half of fish caught in UK waters 'by foreign boats'

11 Oct 2016 | By Kevin White

EU catch in UK waters represents about £400m a year

cheese making

Cheese producers achieve record exports in July

08 Oct 2015 | By Kevin White

UK cheese producers achieved record exports during the 12 months to July

happy egg co usa

Happy Egg Co becomes biggest US free-range supplier Subscription

27 Aug 2015 | By Kevin White

The Happy Egg Co is now the largest free-range egg supplier in the US by market share…

meurig raymond tv cameras

Current crisis could be end of British produce, warn farmers

11 Aug 2015 | By Kevin White

Joint statement from NFU and FFA demands retailers pay fair price for British produce


Lettuce prices up due to colder than normal weather Subscription

24 Jun 2015 | By Carina Perkins

UK lettuce prices have risen 17.7% month on month due to reduced supply


Alpro becomes third largest milk brand as value sales soar 28% Subscription

19 Dec 2014 | By Kevin White

Alpro has become the third-largest brand in UK milk on the back of a 28.3% hike in value sales…


Morrisons pilots its first standalone halal meat counter Subscription

28 Nov 2014 | By Vince Bamford

Morrisons is to pilot its first standalone halal meat counter…

Goats cheese

Abergavenny aims to double its goats cheese production Subscription

13 Nov 2014 | By Helen Gilbert

Abergavenny Fine Food Company is aiming to more than double production of its goats cheese products…


MPs set up inquiry meetings for eggs, pigs & poultry Subscription

13 Oct 2014 | By Kevin White

The All-Party Parlia­mentary Group on Eggs, Pigs and Poultry will meet with industry this month…

Tuna Fishing

Free online guide to help buyers source seafood responsibly Subscription

09 Oct 2014 | By Helen Gilbert

Seafish has launched an online tool for trade buyers that provides information on responsible seafood sourcing…

Dairy Crest cows in a field

Dairy Crest unveils strategy to boost dairy category by £800m Subscription

03 Oct 2014 | By Kevin White

Dairy Crest has unveiled a three-year plan to grow the dairy category by £800m…

Mobile slaughterhouse

Mobile slaughterhouse interests British meat industry Subscription

03 Oct 2014 | By Kevin White

British meat suppliers say they are “closely following” the performance of a mobile cattle slaughterhouse unveiled last we…

Jersey Royal potatoes

Mercian potato app 'could be used for crop traceability' Subscription

20 Sep 2014 | By Kevin White

A potato merchant has created a mobile app that allows retailers and processors to access crop traceability data…

Tuna Fishing

Sustainable Seafood Coalition unveils new codes Subscription

19 Sep 2014 | By Kevin White

Members of the Sustain­able Seafood Coalition have agreed and published codes regarding responsible sourcing of fish…

MSC logo

MSC-certified seafood continues to increase but growth rate slows Subscription

19 Sep 2014 | By Kevin White

The number of UK seafood products achieving Marine Stewardship Council accreditation continues to grow…

Gu crediton

Gü moves into dairy drinks in licensing first Subscription

19 Sep 2014 | By Kevin White

Dessert brand Gü is being extended into the chilled dairy drinks category…

dairy crest 2

All-Party Parliamentary Group for the dairy industry created Subscription

13 Sep 2014 | By Simon Gwynn

MPs and peers have formed an All-Party Parliamentary Group for the dairy industry…

Hartington Blue

Hartington Creamery brings Blue Stilton back to Derbyshire Subscription

11 Sep 2014 | By Lisa Riley

Blue Stilton production has returned to Derbyshire for the first time in five years…

dairy crest cows

Welsh organic dairy Trioni lands China export certification Subscription

06 Sep 2014 | By Kevin White

Welsh organic producer Trioni has become the first UK dairy farm to secure organic certification to export to China…

mini babybel

Mini Babybel: single SKU to roll into c-stores Subscription

06 Sep 2014 | By Simon Gwynn

Bel UK will next week roll out individually wrapped single Mini Babybels…

Florette polytunnel

Florette expands polytunnel operation in year-round push Subscription

09 Jul 2014 | By Kevin White

Florette has begun constructing the second stage of its polytunnel growing operation near Colchester in a bid to reduce imports and become a year-round UK grower.

increased subsidies under Scottish independence

'Independence could double EU money for Scottish fishermen' Subscription

06 Jul 2014 | By Kevin White

Scottish fishermen could stand to double how much they receive in EU fishing subsidies if Scotland votes for independence…


As profit margins shrink, what's going wrong in liquid milk? Subscription

14 Dec 2018 | By Kevin White

Müller Milk and Ingredients CEO Patrick Müller this week warned the sector had reached a “tipping point” in terms of profitability


Meat producers don’t have to go vegan to do better Subscription

11 Dec 2018 | By Megan Tatum

From its links to climate change to health and welfare, meat consumption has been one of the big stories of 2018

Kings Veggie

NPD gives pie brands a healthy boost Subscription

10 Dec 2018 | By Rob Brown

Savoury pastry brands are up £16.6m this year as own label remains flat


Does the rise in popularity of the avocado have a dark side? Subscription

07 Dec 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The popularity of the millennial’s superfruit of choice has been linked to cartels and deforestation

Tesco sandwiches

Will Samworth's bid to buy Manton Wood win CMA approval? Subscription

30 Nov 2018 | By Alec Mattinson

The investigation into the deal has surprised observers

me not meat fish campaign

Brexit and veganism are a growing threat to UK seafood Subscription

28 Nov 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Brexit isn’t the only iceberg threatening to sink seafood. Animal welfare campaigners have now turned their focus on fish

cheese one use

Cheese snacks reach maturity: cheese category report 2018 Subscription

23 Nov 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

The cheese snacking sector has evolved from children’s lunchbox staple to innovative adult snack

beef steak

Meat traceability challenges will only increase post-Brexit

22 Nov 2018

Heralding a new era of transparency will require more than housing data that currently exists in silos


Chicken prices hit record levels after CO2 crisis Subscription

22 Nov 2018 | By Kevin White

Soaring feed costs caused by a global shortage have also led to the price increases

Grazing cows

How can farmers reconcile Brexit with calls for higher quality meat? Subscription

20 Nov 2018 | By Rachel Graham

It’s been a rough week for farmers, and not just because of the bleak turn the weather has taken

tulip mince production factory

Stock markets favour retailers – it's producers that'll suffer post-Brexit

14 Nov 2018 | By Steve Francis

UK food producers are taking the Brexit blows while retailer share prices are on the up, says ex-CEO of Tulip Steve Francis



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