Oralcare and hygiene are refreshing in-store promotional activity in health, beauty and baby, while Heinz is full of Beanz

The alcohol and grocery categories have been trading the top two places over the last four Promotrack analyses of in-store promotional activity in the major supermarkets.
However, health, beauty, baby has maintained a steady position in the branded activity chart, remaining in third place throughout.
With the indication that the health & beauty category itself is remaining static, or at the very least slowing down, it would appear that within this category, oralcare and hygiene is continuing to grow.
Colgate, Aquafresh and Arm & Hammer have all recorded activity over the past two weeks across mul­tiple retailers, with varying offers.
One brand that stands out is Colgate. Again, if monitored over the past few weeks, Colgate&'s activity has risen significantly.
It has gone from fifth place in the overall health, beauty, baby category two weeks ago to second place last week and finally topping the health, beauty, baby chart this week, recording the most activity in this sector with promotions displayed in featured space locations across four of the five retailers.
In each retailer the Colgate brands have been displayed on gondola ends with the preferred promotion being buy-one-get-one-free. Aquafresh has also shown increased activity over the past few weeks but has only recorded activity across two of the five retailers.
Also worth a mention this week is the increased activity captured across the Heinz brand.
With ten different SKUs captured with differing offers across four of the retailers, Heinz has leapt to the top of the grocery top five chart in our analysis of activity this week.
It accounts for an impressive 30%, with it&'s nearest rival eight points behind, that being Princes with 8%. The Heinz offers went for the &'x for y&' mechanic in all except two of the promotions, with the extra space allo­cated being made up of gondola ends, free-standing display units and ladder racks.
Kay Staniland